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5 February, 2010

Weight Loss Surgery Chandler Is A Permanent Solution

People looking to alter their life when it comes to losing weight and feeling better should consider weight loss surgery Chandler. Many people have the same difficulty when it comes to losing weight whether it is self control or simple metabolism and overcoming this can be a lifelong battle. These individuals are looking for a more permanent solution to their problem rather than the day to day struggle.

After undergoing this surgery, patients will have permanently lost weight. The FDA-approved procedure is fast and will allow an individual to lose between 30 and 80 percent of excess body weight. Some insurance policies will cover this surgery, making it cost-effective for those unable to afford other weight loss procedures that also may not have been as safe.

Gastric bypass surgery is possibly the widest known of these weight loss solutions and has also been referred to as a “stomach staple.” The patient’s stomach is permanently altered and a smaller one is created using a portion of the existing one. This can result in the patient losing anywhere between 50 and 70 percent of the excess weight permanently, which is a dramatic reduction.

The gastric band is another option some may want to consider as this is less permanent than the bypass option. This procedure involves placing a small, inflatable band around the stomach and cutting the capacity down that way. This procedure is completely reversible should the patient find it to be too uncomfortable or they simply are not happy with the results.

There is one solution that is designed for those patients that are unable or unwilling to have the more invasive ones performed. The gastric sleeve can be performed much in the same way that the gastric bypass is except the stomach is actually removed at the lower end, creating a tube or sleeve shape which can result in the patient having a stomach with 15% the capacity of their actual stomach.

Weight loss surgery Chandler can be found in many forms and the most popular have been listed here. There are many factors involved when selecting which procedure will be most beneficial to the patient such as actual weight loss necessary, age and overall health of the individual. Once the procedure has been completed, however, the patient will begin to feel better and in time, look their best.

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