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9 December, 2012

LaserLipo Is the Best Weight Loss Surgery Seattle

The actors and models on television make most of us green with envy and filled with guilt about not regularly going to the gym. Many of us were not blessed with a toned, firm body and we do not have time to work on achieving it. We can find an alternative solution in the LaserLipo procedure and it does not include sweating it out on the treadmill. For weight loss surgery Seattle, this procedure that delivers both skin tightening and fat cell reduction should be considered.

LaserLipo procedures are performed within a provider’s location as an outpatient process. A minimally invasive technique is used to destroy cells of fat and eliminate them forever. Added benefits are a potential 70 percent improvement in skin tightness and smoother appearance of any stretch marks and areas containing cellulite. Only one treatment is required, resulting in one pinhole-sized incision and requiring only one or two days for recovery.

During the procedure, a tiny tube featuring a laser fiber is inserted into the skin. This tube is moved in different directions to provide fat cells with laser energy. These cells then burst and assume a liquid state once re-formed. The tissues tighten due to collagen being stimulated by this laser energy. Since the tube is very small, this procedure is considered to be minimally invasive. It requires only local anesthesia and less swelling, bleeding, and bruising result and go away during the short recovery period.

The knees, face, ankles, neck, thighs, arms, hips, back, and abdomen may be the recipients of this procedure. The process does not involve drains or stitches and the recovery time is much less painful than traditional procedures of this type. Patients may resume their exercise routines and regular lifestyles within just one week.

Safety is not a concern because the LaserLipo system was granted FDA approval. This procedure has a benefit over regular liposuction in that it promotes skin tightening. Patients who have stretch marks or cellulite will notice these are much smoother and blend into the nearby skin. They will be able to wear their “skinny” clothes with pride, reflecting an overall renewed self-confidence.

Anyone interested in weight loss surgery Seattle should consider the LaserLipo procedure. It is an outpatient process that is minimally invasive and results in a short and relatively painless recovery. After this one-time treatment, patients can begin wearing smaller clothes, become more active, and feel proud of their bodies. They will be toned and trim, just like those television models they once eyed so enviously.

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