What Do People Enjoy About Trainspotting

27 September, 2013

Unless you have actually tried trainspotting then it is very likely that you consider it to be an odd hobby. At the end of the day, why would anyone enjoy sitting around for hours just waiting for a train to pass? In fact waiting for trains is something that a lot of people will absolutely hate, especially if they are waiting for that train to get them to work. The fact is though that trainspotting can actually be a very enjoyable hobby and this is why so many people choose it. In this article we will examine some of the reasons why it is such a great activity.

– Trains are the most fascinating vehicles on the planet. A lot of us just love to watch them pass us by. It is something that can remind us of our childhood.

– Many trainspotters will have heads full of interesting facts from learning about the history of trains which is very interesting. Learning history puts us more in touch with who we are, and where we have come from.

– If you have never tried trainspotting then you won’t realise that there is a great social side to it. Trainspotters like to share information with other people who share the same passion; this can lead to firm friendships and even romance.

– The cost of trainspotting is very low; in fact it might be one of the cheapest hobbies you can have. In most instances a pen and notebook are all you will actually need for this. If you live within walking distance of a railway track you need never spend a penny on this hobby.

– A lot of people say that trainspotting is great for dealing with stress because of how relaxing it is. If you have too much stress in your life then you could get ill so trainspotting is actually very helpful.

– When it comes to watching trains it is just very enjoyable and that is all the reason you need to justify trainspotting as a hobby. You should take enjoyment where you can find it these days because life is too short.

When planning a journey by train, it’s always good to know the train times and fares before you set out.

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