What Does Financial Peace Feel Like

2 June, 2017

Me and my wife are currently trying to plan an unexpected trip to see family and we are working out the details of time off of work, scheduling flights and arranging travel from the airport to our destination, etc.

Subconsciously, I realized that I am fretting over the cost of the trip. This morning I was trying to find the cheapest flight possible. I found several cities about two hours away because they are half the price even with a rental car factored in.

Then it hit me (12 hours later – sorry baby, I was listening!) Last night my wife was telling me how blessed we are because we actually HAVE the money to make this possible. We don’t have to worry about paying back a credit card purchase or who we can borrow money from to go on this trip.

We can simply go to the bank, withdrawal OUR money and go purchase tickets.

This simplicity did not just happen over night. We have been very disciplined in our finances for the past couple of years and we are reaping the rewards of that discipline.

We followed the steps that I teach my clients every day, and now we are okay. This stuff is not a gimmick or a get rich quick scheme, but it absolutely works and delivers financial peace.

If we never contribute another penny to our retirement fund, we can still retire with dignity. Now that money is not available to us right now, but the power of compound interest will ensure it is enough at retirement age. We have a fully funded emergency account to take care of life’s hiccups. Why am I worried?

Dave Ramsey states that winning with money is 20% head knowledge and 80% behavior. It is absolutely true.

In our society, our natural tendency is to spend our money and not put it aside for when we really need it. Somehow my subconscious still thinks we are in that same position financially. But we are not. I just need my natural tendency of stressing out when I need money to catch up with the financial peace that our portfolio provides.

This stuff is practical and it does work.

If you or someone you know would like to schedule some time to set your financial future in order, email me at tim_parady@yahoo.com

Tim Parady – Independent Dave Ramsey Financial Coach

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My name is Tim Parady and I am 36 years old. I was born in Connecticut, raised in Virginia, had a brief layover in Kansas which led me to Texas where I met my wife and best friend. We just celebrated 145years of marriage.
I have the best job in the world, which is to improve peoples lives. I teach people how to win in all areas of there money, which affects all areas of their lives.
78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, with no money in the bank and little knowledge of how to invest for their retirement. You can have a different future. You can win with money and I can show you how.
I am an independent Dave Ramsey Financial Coach,and Insurance Agent at Alkali Insurance and I am here to serve you. My goal is to provide knowledge and tools to change your life. To schedule an appointment to address your financial needs and goals, email me at tim_parady@yahoo.com

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