What Makes A Dude Similar to Paul Janka To Be So Self-Confident Brets

4 May, 2012

Being a deep-rooted participant of the Seduction Community, I was initially thrown for a loop when I first heard about this guy Paul Janka. I mean, it’s bad enough that Style and Mystery had to blow the lid off of everything by means of a New York Times Bestselling novel. I can barely begin a set nowadays with no need of being asked if I’m trying to “neg” or “qualify” my target.

And that’s bringing up pickup artists who have appeared on shows whose stated purpose is to warn women about guys like us… like Dr. Phil and Tyra Banks.

Too bad that’s not really the worst of it. For every ten people who learn about this “secret society,” you have 20 more setting themselves up as the next “PUA Guru.” It’s not unlike what became of films in the wake of The Blair Witch Project when every chump with a hand-held camera thought he had a real chance at hitting the big time. So yeah, I was already quite distressed about the predicament. Still all of it paled in comparison to what I heard about Paul Janka.

Who the hell is Paul Janka anyways ?

Firstly, the guy sounded like a screwball to me. “Approach machine” would be saying it mildly. This guy takes the concept of the numbers game to its literal extreme. Open an interaction, try to get her telephone number, pass / fail once again, rinse, repeat. If you do it an adequate amount of times, you’re sure to get phone numbers.

Get enough phone numbers, you’re bound to be successful once in awhile. Assess your number-to-lay ratio no, I’m not kidding and if the numbers are low, rethink your approach. Sounded like as much fun as doing Chinese Algebra longhand… At this point I was prepared to write this guy off as an additional talking head. I’ve been in this game for years, and I’ve pretty much heard everything. At least, I thought I had.

But what came next even shocked me all the more. Let’s say you’re out having shots with a girl. She’s knocking them down. One thing can lead to another, and… we all understand how it goes once you’ve had a few.

Except if you take Paul Janka’s advice, you’re haven’t had a couple. You should avoid drinking alcohol. And not only that … you’re fooling her into thinking you are by way of having a club soda or tonic water with some lime to make it look like an alcoholic drink.

When I first heard that, I couldn’t help wondering to myself… did we really need this ? Society has stacked the cards in women’s favor. It took us so long just to get the benefit we have, and it’s already been threatened by mainstream exposure.

Think about this: Do we honestly want Paul Janka making us look bad ?

I know it’s a fairly drastic thing to say, so I would like to warn you very clearly: when I first heard this, I had not yet actually read Paul Janka’s e-book.

Then I was talking with one of my wings, a good buddy of mine, and it turns out he’d been using some of Janka’s methods and having a lot of success with them. He loaned me the book and said I should find out for myself. .

And I was shocked yet again. So let me set the record straight here, because plenty of men have been making the same misguided assumptions I made.

First off, consuming alcohol is a personal choice. Nevertheless whether you choose drink or not, you’re not getting the girl drunk. The fact is, making use of the Paul Janka program, you shouldn’t even be getting her drinks… if you are, then she is scamming you.

If she wants to have some alcohol and you personally really don’t, she’s almost definitely going to feel uneasy. No person enjoys drinking in isolation… and it has a detrimental stigma.

So instead of calling awareness to your call not to drink alcohol, you merely hold something that has a resemblance to alcohol so she feels comfortable. It’s a question of sensitivity and social intelligence.

And the sad truth is, other men have pointed out this same problem… then again Paul Janka was first.

I’ve got to hand it to him: the guy’s got a lot of guts. He’s opened himself up to unbelievable slander and misconception through putting that kind of info out. As you can see even I could not understand at first.

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