What Qualified Carolina Auto Repair Technicians Look at When Doing Engine Tune Ups

1 August, 2015

In order to keep your vehicle running at its fullest, an engine tune up has to be performed frequently. If you live in the states of North or South Carolina, you will find many Carolina auto repair technicians who are capable of doing this professionally. Although a tune up was time consuming in the early days, it has become something very easy to do thanks to technological advancements.

Sometimes, you may be bit of a Do-It-Yourself type of person who likes to get your hands a little dirty. If so, you will be able to do some of the frequent replacements that are done during a regular engine tune up. Even though, there are many other things to do, that will require the expertise of someone qualified. No matter whether you live in North or South Carolina, you will have no problem in finding one because there are many mechanics in the area who do tune ups and repairs as well.

When a tune up is performed, the most frequently checked and replaced parts are the spark plugs. Because they are good indicators of the condition of vehicles, a mechanic will check them first and replace any if necessary. There are many experienced mechanics that are able to understand the condition of an engine just by looking at the plugs.

Spark plugs of all vehicles should be removed and checked at least every thirty thousand miles. It is better to do so even if your vehicle is branded LOW MAINTENANCE and are advised to check them every hundred thousand miles. Such a procedure will prevent your plugs from seizing, leading to extensive repairs in future.

Before removing the plugs, it is important to make a note of which plug goes into which cylinder. That is because a faulty plug will mean that may be something wrong in the cylinder it was attached to. By making a note of things, it is possible to find the exact cylinder without making a mess.

The wire sets that connect to plugs have become a lesser problem lately as well. That may be due to the new materials used to manufacture them and their sizing, which in turn, help reduce failures and work more efficiently. Thanks to electronic ignition, their operating ranges have also been optimized.

Filters are also very important and have to be checked and replaced at a tune up session. A vehicle has many types of filters such as oil filters, air filters, PCV breather filters, fuel filters, and automatic transmission filters. An experienced Carolina auto repair technician will know exactly what to do in order to ensure the proper operation of your vehicle during the tune up and will do an on site auto repair as well if necessary.

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