What you ought to Be aware of Before Buying A Carpet Cleaning Franchise Brads

16 April, 2010

Every carpet cleaning franchise business is based on the expertise and business plan of the former of the franchise. This could seem to be great but logically think about what that will mean just about the service itself of carpet cleaning. For example: if a franchise has developed an organization using pricey truck mount carpet cleaning machines guess what your form of cleaning will require? Of course you will have to employ the same apparatus whether its available directly from them or using their company resources. The point that someone new to the business will not understand is the fact that cleaning technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past five years alone. Those truck mount operations can cost between $75,000 to $135,000 and even more and a lot of honest and experienced operators will admit they just do not provide the very best service. You may notice in advertising, more and more commercials talk about making use of multiple methods of cleaning. That’s simply because many of us in the industry have dropped the truck mounts years ago and started employing newer and much less expensive equipment. I have heard about guys throughout the nation that have their truck mounts in the garage and in addition they now concentrate on low moisture cleaning. Now the thing is the franchise nevertheless calls for exactly the same equipment they have used for the last twenty years.

This relates to any products used by a franchise. A few call themselves dry cleaning, low moisture, chemical cleaning, natural cleaning and on and on. The point is the fact that purchaser of a franchise will be associated with whichever cleaning method, cleaning materials and apparatus used by that franchise. Although you may find something which provides better results, you will be reluctant to switch. After all, generally you need to purchase your materials and equipment through the franchise.

From my experience and that of many of my contacts, a good business plan will serve you significantly better. Keep in mind those men with franchises have got to keep making use of out-of-date cleaning methods and this also permits new operators to capitalize on technology. These days people really want safe cleaning products, good results, fast service and fast drying of their carpets. Those of us knowledgeable in the industry realize you cannot fill that bill by following the “corporate line” of any specific franchise.
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