Whats Plato Got to Do with Saving Money

27 April, 2016

“Necessity is the mother of all invention.”

The author of this saying isn’t known. It is thought to be Plato, although no version of it can be found in his works. It was known in England by the 16th century, although at that point in Latin rather than English.

Jumping forward now to the 21st century and real life situations. If there is one fantastic positive to come out of the current state of the economy, it is the ingenious ways in which people are adapting to tougher times.

Here are just some of the things I’ve heard Northwards tenants are doing to cut costs:

1/ Three families in the White Moss area decided last Christmas that it would be a great idea to pool resources and cook and eat Christmas dinner together, with everyone contributing toward the preparation and the cost.

2/ Mums at one school have started swapping uniform items that their children have outgrown and toys that no longer interest their little ones.

3/ There’s a community initiative where families cook a big pan of stew and share it with neighbours, taking it in turn to share out the spoils.

4/ Grannies are looking after their grandchildren after school (saving childcare costs for the parent) and in return get their dinner delivered to them when the parents call in to pick up their offspring (saving food costs for the grandparent!).

5/ Neighbours are sharing taxis back from the supermarkets to avoid costly single trips or only having the local and expensive corner shop available.

6/ There are community gardening schemes where land is being used to grow fresh and nutritious vegetables to be made available to people in the community.

It’s nice to see that word is also spreading that there’s a free and confidential Money Advice session with yours truly at Northwards’ offices: Monday at Cheetham, Wednesday at White Moss and Thursday at Monsall (no appointments needed, just drop in between 10am-1pm).  It’s fabulous to have people come in and tell me that their friend or neighbour has used the service and recommended that they come along.  It gives me a real buzz, so thanks folks!

Let me know what’s happening where you live to try and make things easier – leave a comment below!

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