Where to Find Buyers for Your Real Estate Investing Deals

10 August, 2014

Where To Find Buyers For Your Real Estate Investing Deals

You make your money when you buy houses, as they say in real estate investment. But until you sell your home, you do not have a penny. You make more money sooner you sell your property. The more you keep on your property, the more money you spend on maintenance costs and less profit you make.

It is therefore important to identify potential buyers for your property. As an investor wholesale real estate, you probably turn your properties to other investors.
1) Build a buyers list
This is the most important requirement so selling houses successfully. A buyers list is a list of people with money looking to buy houses in your local market.

When you sell houses on retail or terms, a buyers list refers to people looking to buy houses under these terms.
When wholesaling properties as a wholesale real estate investor, this would be a list of real estate investors who are looking for properties to fix up, then sell them for a profit or keep them as rental properties.

It is mandatory to have a real estate investor website for this. The website must allow you to activate squeeze forms that collect name and email of potential buyers before they can view house details.

The real estate investing web site must also allow you to create squeeze pages, or landing pages that convince potential house buyers to give you their name and email to access your wholesale deals or houses for sale.

You then advertise your squeeze page or website. Once you have houses for sale, you then send them to your buyers list for a quick sale.

2) Local REI meetings

These are extremely important to meet other people who buy and sell houses in your market. Make it a habit of exchanging business cards and always request to add them to your buyers list.

3) Foreclosure auctions

Most foreclosure auctions are attended by real estate investors, usually hundreds of them. Even if you do not buy houses from these auctions, you meet other real estate investors and exchange business cards.

4) Newspapers

An ad in the local newspapers is likely to get you buyers for your properties. Instead of a phone number, I give them the address of my real estate investing website. They must give me name and email before they can view property details.

5) Internet sources
There are may web sites where you can advertise houses you have for sale. Craigslist is a place to start. Always send them to your web site to view property details and hopefully join your buyers list.

6) Web 2.0 websites

You can reach hundreds or thousands of reale state investors through Facebook and other similar websites. Sharing your houses with your friends on these media is likely to get you a buyer fast.

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