Which Are the Greater Investment Used or New Condos in Panama

15 July, 2013

Panama City, Panama, along with other cities within wonderful Panama have recently enjoyed an explosion in real estate sales and investments. The majority of this was accomplished by constructing and selling condos through the entire place, completed in phases of pre-selling, current sales and post-construction sales .The increase of capital to the local economies was fantastic, but now we have all these condos in Panama ready to purchase, in several stages of completion.

Why Are A Lot Of Condos In Panama Still Not sold?

Over the last couple of years, the number of new condos in Panama being constructed literally tripled over those built in previous times. The increase of developers led to overestimating construction times, and plenty of units were pre-sold without having a date for their new owners. Some owners backed out , and chosen to buy properties elsewhere. The rest of the finished units currently standing empty are just waiting to be bought, while property prices still stabilize in the region.

The property values being in transition whilst the condos in Panama were being finished also accidentally developed their own rivalry. Owners of existing, utilized condominiums saw all of those sales going on, and also the money flying about throughout the early years of the condominium boom, and decided to place their homes in the marketplace as well. Flash forward several years, and now you have areas full of condos waiting around to be bought, in some evenly split between used and new condos in Panama.

Positives And Negatives Of Purchasing New Vs Old

There are sure benefits and drawbacks to be had when buying either new or used condos in Panama. The new condominiums have been completely inspected, and have been accepted for titling and sale by government agencies, whilst the old condominiums will need to be inspected and certified for titling each time they come on sale. Funding is available for both, but with the heavy real estate business happening in Panama these days, could take some time to set up.

Every little thing installed within new condos in Panama is brand new, untried, and might have warranties for a restricted period. Buying a used condo is like buying a used car around a brand new one. You know what you are getting with the used condo, and any upkeep made won’t be a surprise. With newer condominiums, you are depending purely on the word of the developer, and the en masse inspections performed when the units were completed.

Purpose Is A Big Determining Factor

For many buyers visiting Panama for real estate ventures, those that will turn toward brand new condos in Panama are those that are looking for vacation property to own. They aren’t yet ready to stop working, and just like a place to live in their own while there . The ones that might want to choose a used condominium, on the other hand, are those which are wanting to stop working, and wish to get something which has little upkeep or issues to invest in.

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