Who Are the End Users of Adsense Niche Keywords

15 August, 2013

Vanaja Paramatmuni asked:

Who are the real users of AdSense Powered Keywords?

With the growing awareness of internet revenue thousands of websites came up, built around these keywords. But who are the real users?

Medical terms like mesothelioma, a niche keyword with high click through rate of $60 and above, who will not be interested in developing a website around this keyword. I am not an exception. But the question then is who watches this website. All medical professional, hospitals, doctors will have their own medical portals for their medical information. Medical colleges are widely connected with global libraries that offer sufficient content to the students and teachers, Reputed medical establishments will not allow their employees to search other than their own networks for information.

With this intro it appears that only people that try to use these pages are similar enthusiast that wants to make money online with websites around these fancy keywords.

The next question that comes to my mind is how the advertisers make money and recover their advertisement cost with this kind of high click through rate. What kind of products or services these advertisers offer for these high value keywords? What they want to sell?

I find number of search engines offering information exclusively for mesothelioma? Is it not surprising? This particular keyword became the ad sense buzz. The meaning of this medical word is asbestos cancer, due to over exposure of asbestos. This asbestos cancer is industry specific. I think the reason for the value of this keyword is the enormous settlement amounts the patients of mesothelioma claim? The asbestos industry and its exports and imports have a ban and under strict vigilance. Even then the number of cases still to be settled will run through the courts for few more centuries.

My global information pages also touch mesothelioma or asbestos details with structured settlements at settlement link. But I am also doubtful of the traffic from medical arena. May be aspirants to earn AdSense revenue may visit my pages

There is a great demand for asbestos settlement lawyers, settlement law firms dealing with mesothelioma. Even if the content offered on mesothelioma or asbestos cancer is unique by many webmasters, but the question still remains. Who is the ultimate user?

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