Why and How Facebook Helps Businesses

18 August, 2013

Many businesses are quickly realizing that socializing with your customers is the way to go. In this age, words gets spread around fast, and it gets around even faster via social networking. Facebook is one of the biggest networking website that is great for connecting with millions of others. It is also great for sharing just about anything. You most likely have your own Facebook, but did you know that having a page for your business can help tremendously? For one thing, Facebook is becoming very popular, and some people only see suggestions through their friend’s Facebook. In fact, most businesses do not even bother with having their own website because having a fan page does a good job!

To make things clear, we don’t recommend that you opt having just a Facebook fan page, you should also have your very own website to make it seem more professional. A fan page can only do so much compared to an actual website.

To also give you an in-depth of what Facebook really is, it’s not a business tool per se, but an online social network tool. In other words, it is a social kind of method that can be catered for personal or commercial use. What does this mean? It means that businesses can also focus and take advantage of the socialization that Facebook offers. Although much of it is used for personal affairs, there is a great deal for businesses potential as well.

When you want to draw people into your business, you have to act like a salesman trying to sell them something. Salesmen have to be very social with the people they interact because if they aren’t, they lose potential customers. Having a Facebook fan page allows your business to seem social friendly and inviting. Your fan page can give an inside information of your company and even share photos of your workers.

By sharing this kind of information, people get to know businesses and companies better, and they are more obliged to to develop a strong relationship with them. In marketing aspects, this may very well be beneficial for many because they know that having returning customers is the right step to a successful start up. It’s not just have returning customers, but having those customers spread the words to their families and friends.

A Facebook fan page will also give people opportunity to leave their opinions and experiences with your business. By having one, you can allow customers to leave good feedback or questions to answer. When others see this type of interaction, it shows them that you care for them and they feel more important. This is the number one benefits of having a fan page, to show others that you are willing to listen to your customers.

Facebook is more than just interaction; Facebook can be used to raise your brand’s awareness, marketing a product or service, or just getting feedback to improve further on. When there is a brand of something, it usually draws certain interest. Facebook knows the type of category that its user is interested in (from the likes of the user’s) and which ever your brand falls in (whether it’s gaming, wellness, health, etc), your marketing ads will only draw attention to those alike. So you aren’t just going to advertise your brand for every single users to see, it’s only going to be targeted to those that genuinely have an interest relevant to your products and/or services.

Facebook is all around great for companies and businesses. People like to see interaction, and there’s nothing better than having a Facebook fan page to do that job. Word goes around quick on Facebook and best of all, people that spread those words to their families and friends come without charge! Overall, if you’re looking to build reputation, market your business, or just to interact and have fun with your customers, you need to start a fan page today!

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