Why Are You Loaning the Irs Money

2 March, 2014

Tax time! For some, it is a very dreaded time of year, while others look forward to a big pay day. I have had several talks recently with couples expecting a big tax return and want advice on how to put it to good use. I am always happy to give advice and put some options together for how that money would work the best for them. However, once that is decided, I always ask why they are lending the IRS money? Of course, I always get a very confused look.
Let’s put some numbers to it. In these conversations, a $2,000-3,000 tax return is not uncommon. For simple math purposes, let’s just say you are expecting a return ok $2,400. That comes out to $200 per month that you are lending to the IRS. They in turn invest it and make the interest off of YOUR money. I am quite sure that if the shoe was on the other foot, the IRS would be contacting you frequently to ask for there money and the interest and fees involved.
You may look forward to your return each year, but most of the time, this return is spent on “things” which you don’t have money for throughout the year. What if you were to have an extra $200 per month to spend. What if you could get %18 interest on that money throughout the year? Now before you email saying there is no way you can get 18% interest on your money, let’s take a look inside your wallet. How many credit cards reside there? How many are you currently struggling to pay? The average interest rate for a credit card is 18%. Ironically, NOT paying 18% in interest, is a lot like gaining (or keeping) 18% interest.
What I am suggesting is, skip the annual tax return that gets blown on things that are out of date by next tax season. Make the change to your W2 that lets you hang on to that $200 per month. Pay off those credit cards hanging around your neck and in the long run, you will have more money to go around.

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