Why Dynamic Stretching Is the Most Popular Stretching Today

13 May, 2015

If you play sport or your a fitness enthusiast like me then dynamic stretching can benefit you greatly if done correctly. There has been a fair bit of scientific evidence that suggests
dynamic stretching to be very effective for everyone.

Scientific research shows that when your muscles are warmed up through dynamic stretching you are activating a lot more muscle fibers and able to use that muscles full potential better, therefore your endurance and peak performance is maximized lasts longer.

Example: A Footballer can greatly benefit from a lunge as it
stretches the quads whilst moving in the full range of motion.
This helps with warming up this major muscle for better endurance and strength for kicking the ball.

This helps If you are one to refuel your muscles by eating small energy bars during long periods of sport, dynamic stretching can also help deliver the nutrients from the food straight to your starving muscles helping the recovery process.

As we age our muscles can become weaker and more prone to injury, dynamic stretching has also shown to increase the strength and stability of muscles.

We all know that as we age we can become weaker so what better way
to offset this. I would be lying if i didn’t say their is a risk with dynamic stretching which is why i always recommend seeking professional medical clearance from your doctor.

On the other hand completing the dynamic way promoted the
warming up and activation of muscle fibers,increasing the effectiveness and endurance duration. It is now recommended static stretching to be done after sport when your muscles
can benefit from it most.

It is recommended to complete a warmup before doing any sort
of dynamic stretching to lower to risk of injury. A small jog or on the spot jumping jacks should be enough to warm up your

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