Why Many Blogger Never Make Money

4 March, 2014

Blogging is like a dream come true for any type of people that likes to type about almost anything for a living. There is no limit on what you can discuss and you certainly don’t have to follow some type of special writing rules when expressing words. While it is possible to make a living off of doing this, many are not able to. More than likely, many of the advertising that you see may claim “Make thousands in a week from blogging!” but once you purchase such programs, you are quickly sadden by the fact that it is either: marketed to get you to spend money; kept it vague and not clear; the claim in no way sounds as good as it did.

Fact is, you can make a living off of blogging, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to monetize properly, place ads in the right place, just all sorts of things-things that will be covered in this article.

Many people make the mistake of going into blogging to think that they will soon make thousands in a week or two. Here is one thing you should never do: have the mindset of thinking that you will get rich off of blogging. If you do, you will quickly become unmotivated by the sight of not seeing a single dime made for days or even weeks. Instead, try to have the mindset of blogging because it’s fun and that you enjoy it. When you blog for money instead and you don’t earn the amount that you were hoping for, you’ll quickly become discouraged. Bloggers also reported that when they did it out of pure enjoyment, they were able to make their post/stories more interesting than those that did it for money.  It takes passion to really start up a good blog and make money out of it. In fact, many could care less about the cash, as it is only side money to them.

To start up a good blog, make sure it’s something that you would like to talk about. Even if you think that it doesn’t interest others except yourself, do it regardless. Remember that there are billions of people online, you are bound to at least attract one of them. It’s always good to blog about something that you like because your tone and message can be seen through the writing. You’re also likely to keep on blogging if it’s something you are interested in. As long as you are dedicated to the topic with interesting and informative posts, others will be just as dedicated to reading it.

With that said, there are reasons why some bloggers that have good articles fail to make money. Monetizing correctly can be an issue. Either they have too many ads, too little ads, or even just placing them on the right instead of the left can be a problem. When you have too much, it can be distracting and although it provides many choices, readers will be overwhelmed and won’t end up clicking anything.You want to be able to guide them to an ad, like making a pathway for someone to a building.

At the same time, you don’t want to provide ads placement close to zero. There has been a time where a visitor reading from a website was complaining about it not having enough ads. The readers were forced to search the site for a few minutes before encountering one. Although it’s great that the webmaster cared about keeping the site clean (which is a lot better than having a site clustered with ads), there was lack of monetizing. If you make it so hard for people to click on something, you can’t really make money either. It’s all about having balance, but it’s great to hear if you care about keeping your website ads free!

Another problem is where their ads have nothing relating to the blog. For instance, if your readers came to read an article about make money, you want ads that has something to do with finance. Anything else is irrelevant and they will not be interested in it. It also depends where you place your ads if you want maximum clicks. Statistics say that viewers are more likely to click on an ad if it’s placed at the bottom, right as the article ends rather than at the top.

You need to realize that blogging will not make you rich overnight. If you are indeed passionate about blogging without making money, you’ll succeed. If you want to make money at the same time, just remember that greed is a dangerous thing and that you should watch out for it. For one thing, once you get the ball rolling, you can expect your site to start seeing consistent sales and it’ll start to grow itself without much work. To recap on the important things:

  • Don’t blog just for the money
  • Blog about the stuff you love to talk about
  • Know when and how to place ads

Just remember that passion is something that you have or you don’t have. Passion comes from the inside and won’t be influenced by what does or doesn’t happen to the site. People who give up are the ones who are in the wrong niche and only care about the money. Blogging is like any other job, you want to have fun working because if you don’t, you’ll be more than likely to quit or become miserable. In this case, it’ll be easy to give up blogging because you don’t have to face any guilt that is as bad as working for someone else. In, the end, blogging shouldn’t even be a chore or even a job, it’s more like having a hobby while making money from it. Just have fun blogging!

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