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24 August, 2011

Phase one of Season 7 UK X Factor is now complete and on Saturday 21st august Stage 2, the Judges Auditions, began upon ITV. Yet as we turn on to look at this year’s offering of wannabes, freaks and hopefuls try-out, just what variations can we hope for during this year’s series?

The greatest change obviously is the absence of Judge Dannii Minogue and then the addition of Guest Judges Geri Halliwell, Natalie Imbruglia, Katy Perry, Pixie Lott and Nicole Scherzinger. Dannii Minogue at the moment is on maternity leave and taking pleasure in time at home in Australia however she will be coming back again to the series throughout phase 4, visit to the Judges house, and so the fortunate contenders who make it past boot camp may well get to take a trip to Dannii at her home in Melbourne.

Age limits for the groups have also been changed during Series 7 and so the over 25’s group has now been adjusted to over 28’s and the Boys in addition to Girls groups are now open to anybody between 16 and 27. Also this year thirty-two singers, 8 from each group, as opposed to 24 will now be moving on from Round 4 to round 5 then the lucky boot camp graduates will visit the X Factor Judges in their house.

Also there will be significant adjustments to Phase four, visit to the judges house, as Dannii Minogue’s group will visit her at home in Australia, Simon Cowell’s group will visit him in Los Angeles and because of Cheryl Cole’s recent collapse, caused by Malaria, her group is visiting Guest Judge, and Pussy Cat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger at her home in Florida.

The very last change to the Series 7 UK X Factor format is rumoured to be occurring during stage five, the Live Shows. There is lots of speculation that this year 16 contestants will be picked to perform live then face the viewers vote but what outcome this may have on the format of the live shows has yet to be published.

Nevertheless the important difference that both ITV and Simon Cowell wish to pull off during Season 7 is the number of fans watching the X Factor and with more than 11 million watchers tuning in to watch the launch show, it surely appears as though this particular change has been productive!

August 31 2010

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August 29 2010

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August 29 2010

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August 28 2010

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August 27 2010

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August 26 2010

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August 25 2010

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August 23 2010

The economy is concentrated with people selling and installing windows. You can have a dozen people come to your home and spend hours talking about their products and listening to their sales pitch. Your mind gets filled with loads of buzz words like energy tax credit, low-e glass, argon gas, highest u-value, heat gain coefficient, triple glaze glazing, double glaze glass, heat strengthened openings, double strength windows, etc. It becomes nothing but confusion and much of it is designed to add an extra feature, not necessarily any more effectiveness than you will get from most windows. So what are the three most fundamental concerns you want to contemplate when buying your windows?

Let’s go ahead with specialized assembly. Always get your windows from someone who makes or deals in locally constructed windows. Why is this fairly important? This is not to say that windows manufactured in other areas are not trendy. Many are higher quality but when you configure IGUsealed glass window units in a high pressure barimetric area of the country and ship it to a low pressure barimetric pressure area, there may be some worries with seal breakage. In the case of a special gas filled window like an argon gas filled window , this means the gas filled advantage fades fast.

Next, take into account whether the small business you are purchasing from has been in the business for any length of time. It is best to purchase from someone who has been working with windows for many years. They will likely favor the most effective window that has served them and their customers well. You cannot beat the advice of trained window suppliers. They would not stay in business if they were recommending faulty windows and providing shoddy workmanship. Look for the company that considers their installers craftsmen.

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August 22 2010

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August 20 2010

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