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3 June, 2010

A business website or e-commerce website expands a business’ customer outreach and strengthens the brand. 1) Landing pageThe landing page could be the home page of the website or any other page the user is directed to as a result of clicking on an internet advertisement or link. http://www.theukwebdesigncompany.com/ The key to driving visitors to your website is search engines. Subheadings give readers a gist of the content without going into details.

Experiment with layouts, color combinations, graphic design and the like. Ask your friends who are as internet savvy as you for feedback and ideas. Re: Design a site to ft myers web design your visitors. Ask more people, ask as many as you can. It’s simple really.

For now, remember to keep things simple. Ask them what they feel about the site and if there are some parts that need improvement. I have even found sites that were written with programs that stopped being produced 6 years ago. The internet has literally brought the entire world into people’s living rooms, with millions upon millions of searchable web pages on almost any subject you could possibly dream of.

And with all that competition for traffic and readership, it only stands to reason that users can be very selective about which sites they elect to visit – and return to – and which ones they decide to skip right over. Research has proven that those sites which consistently produce quality content in a credible, professional looking format are more apt to hold the user’s attention and have a much better chance of attracting repeat visitors. Those individuals who can design effective, results-driven sites, which take into account the general user patterns of the average visitor, will have a decided edge over their fellow designers. http://www.designity.org/ Here are 3 things to be aware of:1.

2 Pretend you are your own perfect customer and design your website to get you the information fast and easy. mnW028j6YW


May 16 2011

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