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10 September, 2015

matter your current situation, the “Small Dojo, Big
Profits” manual
is the martial arts business
plan that shows you exactly how to achieve success – read
on to find out how…

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From: Michael
D. Massie, (a.k.a., the “Anti-Guru”)
Monday 08:39am

Dear Martial
Arts Instructor,

If you’re like
me, you’ve been in the martial arts for quite a while, and love
to train and teach

if you could earn a great living doing what you love?

Just think…

…no more time

…no more early
morning commute

…and no more
working at a job you hate, just so you can support your martial
arts training.

Once you read
this step-by-step martial arts business success plan and learn the
*right* method of opening a martial art school, you may never have
to do any of that again.

Dojo Helped Me Transition
From Employee to Owner…”

been teaching Martial Arts as a full time career for over
24 years. I have seen the industry fluctuate in many different
directions over the years and I have seen countless schools
come and go. I think my experience in the martial arts might
be beneficial to others looking to teach martial arts.

ran a school for my former instructor until very recently
and now have a school of my own in Moreno Valley, Ca. We opened
our doors in June of ’07 and are doing very well and are way
ahead of where we planned to be by this point.

insights you shared in your “small dojo” support material
helped my transition from instructor/employee to owner/operator.
I thank you.”

24-year instructor of Chinese kenpo

Out What You Need to Do For Success In Every Step of Your Martial
Art Business…

No prior business
experience is required – all you need to do is follow the directions
in the manual. And, using my methods you won’t need a big commitment
of time or money to get started.

It’s all about
making it simpler for you to succeed!

D. Massie
Author, “Small Dojo, BIG Profits”
Martial Arts Business “Anti-Guru”

Before I Go On, Let Me Introduce Myself…

My name is Michael
D. Massie, and I’m a dedicated martial artist just like you.

For years, I’ve
been teaching martial artists how to start and run highly successful
martial arts schools – using business methods that fly in the
face of the standard industry advice

So, why haven’t
you heard of me? I can guarantee, you won’t see my face on the cover
of any industry magazines, and for good reason…

Because the
methods I teach are designed to help you keep more money in your
pocket, and out of the hands of those “business experts”
who’d like nothing more than to line their own pockets with your
hard-earned cash!

probably wouldn’t have a school right now if it wasn’t
for Mike Massie…”

“Mike, just a note to thank you for the consultation that you did with us recently. We are more than happy with the results. We have signed up more people in a day than we had previously signed in a month due to your suggestions. Thank you so very much.”

Larry Sanders
Sanders Black Belt Academy
Austin, Texas

Out What Satisfied Readers Have Said About “Small Dojo, BIG

The “Small
Dojo, Big Profits” martial arts business plan manual was favorably
reviewed in the number one source for reliable information in our
industry… Black Belt Magazine:

Excerpt from Black Belt Magazine:

Dojo, Big Profits offers sage advice for people who wish to
operate a successful martial arts studio…If you run a dojo
or are thinking about starting one, this guide could be the
key to your success.”

Essential Gear Columnist
Black Belt Magazine, Dec. ’04

In addition,
every week I receive letters and emails from martial arts instructors
praising the “Small Dojo, Big Profits” manual – here’s
just one example:

Core MMA Coach Says, “Excellent!”:

Informative! Enlightening!

Small Dojo Big Profits is with out a doubt the best book I
have ever read on how to run a successful martial arts school.
It is nothing but meat & potatos. This book is designed
to help you master the art of ‘Fiscal Fitness’.”

2004 Grapplers Quest Gold Medalist
Head Coach Submission Wrestling from Mark Hatmaker

Shares SDBP with World Champion:


Hi. I
had a school in NC with over 200 students. I worked my butt
off to keep it going. I finally got smart and downsized and
raised my prices. I sold my school a few years ago and moved
here to Florida last year. I just opened a new school in a
gym on May 1st.

I really
like your book. It is exactly in line with what I am doing.
Some things I have heard before and some I really needed to
hear again. Good job.

I have
a group of about 5 guys that I am working with. I send them
emails from time to time, giving them ideas on their school.
One of them is Super Dan Anderson – former World point Champion.
He is a great instructor. Anyway, I am going to send all of
them an email tonight and tell them to buy your book.

again for a great book.”


High-Ranking Instructors with Years of Teaching Experience Rave
About the SDBP Manual:

have been in the martial arts a very long time and have
just about everybody’s books on martial arts business
– let me say that yours is excellent. You cover a lot of
material that some authors are reticent to publish – my
commendations to you sir. Great book!”

Larry Sanders
Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts
10th Degree Black Belt

Praise from a Long-time Instructor and Seasoned Martial Artist:

Jason Heriford
Kali Master Instructor

have really been loving your book! It has resolved a lot
of confusion for us. You break all the basics down into
simple language and usable material. You also seem to have
completely eliminated the need for huge marketing companies,
billing companies, etc.
for putting things into perspective.”

complete, thorough information on opening a martial art school is
hard to find. In fact, many of the people giving you martial arts
business advice in the magazines and on the internet have never
even run a studio!

“Small Dojo, BIG Profits!” is different. As a career martial
arts instructor, I wrote it from the perspective of someone who
actually knows how to open and operate a successful martial arts

can assure you, it’s the the 100% honest truth about starting and
running your own successful martial art school.

You Go Off to War With Only Half a Battle Plan?

That’s what
you’re doing when you buy other martial arts business plans. Other
companies don’t want you to have complete information – they’d rather
sell it to you bit-by-bit, and line their pockets while you wonder
why you can’t make a living teaching the martial arts.

While other
business manuals might fall short by just telling you how to run
a class, or how to enroll students, or how to advertise – “Small
Dojo, BIG Profits” has it all, and explains every single aspect
of starting and running your martial art school.

Honestly, why
pay a lot of money for incomplete information when you can have
all the information you need at your fingertips for a fraction of
the cost?

have paid $300, easily… worth every penny”:


you for the prompt reply. This clairies things tremendously. I
loved your book and told a friend of mine who lives in
another province to buy your book
. I told him that
it was worth every penny spent.

thought the price was somewhat high for an ebook and
I laughed
cause I told him I would have paid $300
easily now that I know what this book is actually worth

business they say that no publicity is bad publicity,
I first came across your book on a forum that bitched
and whined about your “McDojo” book.

tell you that that very thing led me to investigate on
my own as I do not subscribe to others opinions without
first making my own conclusion by getting all facts.

I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately
they’re still probably whining and living at home with
mommy and daddy playing Xbox. Thanks!”

Troy Kaye
Siu Lum Pai
Chinese Boxing Association

Is The Martial Arts Business Plan That Gives You Everything You
Need to Succeed

Without a doubt,
it is the most thorough and complete martial art business manual
on the market.

It covers every
aspect of starting and running a low-overhead, high profit martial
arts studio, from A-to-Z… Nothing has been left out or held back. 

out what “Small Dojo, BIG Profits” has to offer:

  • Find out
    how to start your own martial art school with zero money and
    no credit

  • How you
    can earn more money in your studio with less students (and less

  • How you
    can make $297,000 per year with less than 250 students

  • Find out
    how you can make $70,000 a year working 25 hours a week or less

  • The secrets
    to end your student recruitment frustrations for good

  • The easiest
    methods to increase your retention and attract better students
    into your martial art school

  • Sure fire
    methods that will make you the recognized expert on the martial
    arts in your area

  • What the
    big billing companies are not telling you… you’ll
    be shocked when you read this!

  • How to avoid
    costly mistakes that can ruin your business

  • Understanding
    the risks that are threatening your martial art school –
    and how to protect yourself from them

  • How to drastically
    reduce or even eliminate your payroll

You Have Restored My Faith…”


want to thank you! During these days of NO customer service
you have restored my faith that our industry can be a benchmark
for others to follow and/or return to. Thank you for doing
something you didn’t have to… Thanks for being a G.E.M.
(Going Extra Mile).

/ Magalang,


Aren’t You Tired of People Trying to Rip You Off?

are too. That’s why this book was written… as an alternative to
all the bad advice being doled out in the martial arts industry
(read on to find out more on that touchy subject). 

you’re tired of seeing decent, honest, hard-working martial arts
instructors getting ripped off by people who are just out to make
a fast buck, then…

Time You Knew the Truth About How to Open and Operate Your Own Successful
Martial Arts School

you agree that the martial arts industry needs a source of unbiased
information on martial art school management. Instructors from every
style and system have long felt that there should be a source of
martial arts business information that tells the truth about what
it really takes to be a success in the martial arts industry.

I released my martial arts business plan a few years ago, a lot
of other so-called “experts” have started to jump on the
bandwagon by promising to give you the “truth” about what
it takes to run a martial art school.

“surprise, surprise” – They’re all either regurgitating
our material (and poorly, we might add) or they’re just feeding
you the same old bull they’ve always been shoveling…

once, don’t you think you deserve to be told the real

That’s Exactly What You’ll Find In This Manual…

As many of our
readers have stated, it’s the first and only martial arts business
manual that is unbiased, to the point, and includes just the facts.
It tells you everything you will need to know about opening and
running a successful and highly profitable martial art school –
and on a shoe-string budget to boot.

Dojo, BIG Profits” cuts out all the fluff, and only contains
the absolute best, time-tested, tried and true methods for making
it as a professional martial arts instructor.

How Do You Pack 21 Years of Hard-Earned Knowledge into 216 Pages?

Well, let’s
just say it wasn’t easy! I spent several months of writing and editing
for hours every day to reduce the sum total of over twenty years
of knowledge and experience into 216 information-packed pages. 

But just so
you know, there are some things that I don’t cover in the manual
that might be considered conventional wisdom by the majority of
“industry experts” today…

Why would I
leave this stuff out?

Because due
to my experience I know for a fact that most of what is considered
to be conventional wisdom in the martial arts business industry
is what I call “purposeful misinformation.”

on…I know what you’re thinking)

why would people in our industry try to convince martial arts
instructors that the *Big School Dream* is the only
way to achieve financial stability and success?”

about money, plain and simple
. If they can convince you
to use their services, to teach their programs, to use their
products, then they make more money off you and your students.

once you buy into their line, the more students you have…
The more money they make!

sure, I know it’s obvious… I’m trying to sell you something
However, I’m not trying to get you to spend a
lot of money on useless products and information that you
don’t need.

I just want to show you how to run a small, highly efficient
martial arts school
that will allow you to keep your program
quality high and your overhead low – so you make MORE PROFIT


are a few things that this manual will NOT show you how to

  • It will
    not show you how to run a 500, 800, or 1,000 student mega-studio…

  • It will
    not explain how to open a giant 10,000 square foot martial art
    super center…

  • It will
    not tell you how to run multiple martial art schools…

  • And, the
    methods featured in this manual will not get you featured on
    the covers of martial arts magazines for having the most humongous
    martial art school on the planet…

There is Certainly One Thing it Will Explain:

you can realistically make over



$300,000 per year

the “Small Dojo, BIG Profits” system –

In fact, others
have already bought the manual, and are reaping the benefits of
the knowledge it contains.

Their testimonials
are proof that the “Small Dojo, BIG Profits” method works!

Another Satisfied Reader:

Mr. Massie:

Your book is great. I referred my “independent contractor
– wing chun” instructor to your site and he has purchased
and read your book as well.

By the end of summer and with the open house, bring a buddy
day, the website and advertising, I’m hoping for 30-50 new
students to start…..

Again, thank you!!!!!!!”

Mark Colangelo
Go Jiu Bujitsu
San Diego, CA

Everything our Testimonials Say It Is And More… When You Buy “Small
Dojo, BIG Profits” You’ll Get:

  • Step-by-step
    instructions on martial art school startup from scratch, so
    you don’t risk going broke funding your studio

  • In-depth
    explanations on how to run your martial art school on a shoe-string
    budget, yet still make a six-figure income

  • Sample forms
    and worksheets that will help you streamline your studio operations,
    so you’ll have more time to spend teaching your students

  • Resource
    listings for every recommended service and product you could
    ever possibly need (you’ll never have to wonder where to go
    for answers again)

  • Explicit
    instructions on how you can choose a great location without spending
    a fortune on rent – this section alone will save you tens of thousands
    of dollars a year!

You’ll Get Detailed Explanations On Every Aspect of Starting
and Running Your Own Successful Martial Art School

sections on:

  • Funding
    for your new martial art school, even when you have lousy credit
    (we did it and you can too!)

  • Getting
    a great location without spending a fortune (you’ll know how
    to approach landlords and property managers – never get the
    short end on a lease again)

  • Planning
    & budgeting to guarantee your success (shows you how to
    develop a bullet-proof business plan that acts as an “insurance
    policy” against the unknown)

  • Pricing
    your services so you make more money with less students (Less
    work and more money? Many of our skeptics have been pleasantly
    surprised after they read this section…)

  • Collecting
    your fees without using strong-arm tactics (a must for student

  • Marketing
    methods and strategies to fill up your classes (so you’ll never
    have to worry about student recruitment again)

  • Choosing
    the right mentors and advisors for your personal success (discover
    how to find successful people to “model” – this section
    may be the key to leap-frogging over your competitors)

  • Whether
    or not you should use a billing company (our answer might surprise

  • Which consultation
    companies you should be using and why (and how to use their
    services – something you won’t hear about anywhere else)

  • Student
    retention strategies that work for all styles and systems (based
    on principles, not procedures – this even works for traditional
    schools as well as mixed martial arts studios)

  • The whys
    and hows of hiring and training help (shows you how to avoid
    the pitfalls and make the most of your resources so you keep
    more of your profits)

  • Additional
    income streams for your martial art school (want to take a nice
    vacation or pay for a new car? This section shows you how to make
    it happen without cutting into your existing budget.)

Years Off Your Learning Curve, Because It’s Already Been Figured
Out For You

Not only does
Small Dojo, Big Profits include the most complete business
system available – it also takes all the confusion out of the process
of beginning a martial arts school:

Reader Finally Makes Sense of All The Confusing Information
He’s Read:


have studied a great deal of different material (MATA, Steven
Oliver/Dan Kennedy, etc.), so I came to your book fairly educated.

your book did was to categorize all that material
around in my head and put it in it’s right place and proper
, and made huge sense of it.

I’m sure
you’ve experienced information overload, so you can imagine
how great it would be if someone was to jump inside your head,
scoop up all the information, and file it away in such a way
where you know where it is, how to access it, and when to
use it. Your book has done that for me….thank you.

Kenpo Black Belt

I spent years
and years and invested thousands of dollars learning the information
I share in this book.

When I look
back on the countless hours I spent studying books and manuals,
attending college business classes and industry seminars, pouring
over articles and journals… well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want
to do it again.

But, you can
reap the rewards of my hard work without all the “blood, sweat,
and tears.”

Just think –
You can have all that information and knowledge at your fingertips
for just a fraction of the time and money it took me to get it…

order now and you’ll also get…


Bonus #1:

a special offer
for my new readers, for a limited time
I’m giving away…

Days FREE Unlimited Email Consultation

everyone who orders my book!
A $1,500.00 Value!

found that after reading my manual, many of my readers have
pressing questions that are specific to their unique situation.

I’m offering a full month of unlimited email consulting
to my new readers – so now you can get answers to those
pressing questions regarding starting and running your

typically charge $50.00 and up for a single detailed email

30 days worth of unlimited access to me via email, the value
is over $1,500.00!

Bonus #2:

addition to the Small Dojo Big Profits Manual, you also receive…

Martial Arts School Marketing Manual

to Become a Black Belt in Marketing and Fill Your School With
Students, Year-Round”
A $77.00 value!

school owners and those just starting out stumble over marketing
issues. The fact is, no one is really teaching marketing basics
to school owners and instructors.

Because if the “experts” really empowered you by
teaching you how to market (instead of just selling you canned
ads every month) pretty soon you’d figure out that you don’t
need them… and they’d lose money!

I put together this guide to do just that, using the marketing
material from the manual plus a bunch of other material from
articles and newsletters I’ve written over the years.

49 pages, it’s a really quick read… but there’s a lot of
info packed in that tiny little manual, including 37 of the
most useful marketing strategies for promoting your school.

Use even 1/2 of them, correctly and consistently on a monthly
basis, and you’ll get a steady stream of at least 15-20 new
students a month to your school

sells for $77 on another site, but it’s yours FREE for ordering

Bonus #3:

help get you started promoting your school, you’ll also get
our …

Arts School Ad Collection

A Dozen Great Ads to Help You Promote Your School and Get

A $47.00 Value!

are all ads I created and used in my own marketing campaigns
at my school. 11 of the ads are in pdf format, and the 12th
ad is an ad template saved as a Microsoft Publisher file (the
least expensive and most common graphic design software –
most people have this software on their PC).

you can either use the pdf ads (by getting the local paper
or your printer to add in your contact info – or you can do
it yourself with any image editing software) or you can use
our ad template to create your own ads from scratch using
Microsoft Publisher.

graphic designer works for $65 an hour, so you can imagine
these ads are worth quite a bit to me… especially when they
were responsible for getting the word out about my school!

a $47.00 bonus, yours FREE just for ordering on my site.

Bonus #4:

so it’s even easier for you to get up and running, I’m also
including my own…

Arts School Forms and Documents Archive

Dozens of forms and documents to help You get up and running

A $47.00 Value!

martial arts school document and forms collection contains
50+ legal documents, fliers, brochures, spread sheets, schedules,
and more! This collection includes documents for: * Memberships
and billing * Special Events * Newsletters * In-house Marketing
Promotions * Tracking Stats and Numbers * Planning Class Schedules
* Staff Training and Management * and more… These archive
documents have been created as .doc, .pdf, .pub, and .xls
files, so they are easily accessed using Adobe Reader, MS
Publisher, or Microsoft Office.

another $47.00 bonus, yours FREE
just for ordering on my site.

Bonus #5:

to help you Keep and Retain your students, I’m also throwing
in my collection of…

Arts Drills and Games Guide!

over 75+ Martial Arts Drills and Games for adults and kids
to help keep your classes interesting and exciting!

A $27.00 Value!

information-packed report contains more than 75 challenging,
motivating, encouraging, benefits-teaching drills and games!
These drills will allow you to: * Improve your students performance
– * Make it easier to teach new students – * Increase your
retention – * Alleviate student boredom – And, it’s not just
for kids… We’ve written about half of this book to be geared
toward your adult students. * (Includes a special bonus section
containing material adapted from the US Marine Corps Martial
Arts Instructors Manual… agreat workout routine for your
MMA classes!)

yet another $27.00 bonus, yours FREE
just for ordering on my site.

worth TEN TIMES MORE than the cost of the manual

Others Have Discovered, “Small Dojo, Big Profits!” Will
Pay For Itself Over and Over Again

have absolutely no doubt that you will earn back every penny you
spend on this manual many times over. Just think for a second –
if you get just one new student using the information you’ll
read in the SDBP Manual, it will have paid for itself.

That You’ve Read This Letter, You Have Only Two Choices…

1. You
can either buy my honest and straight-forward martial arts business
plan, and use it as your guide to starting and running a martial
art school so you can finally achieve success…

Or, you can keep beating your head against the wall, all while wondering
why you aren’t achieving your dreams…

and we’ll help you finally live your dream of becoming
a full-time martial arts instructor!


Michael D.
Author, “Small Dojo Big Profits”
Your Martial Arts Business “Anti-Guru”

Security Note:

The secure order form on the
next page will look like this:

P.S. –
Remember, by ordering now you’ll also get
your $1,700.00 worth of Special Bonuses… 30 Days FREE Unlimited
Email Consulation… our Martial Arts School Marketing Manual…
the Drills and Games manual… and the Martial Arts School Ad

Please be aware that I
may end this offer at any time

so don’t wait! Click
here to buy now…

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